Tom Kerrigan’s Simple Chess Program (TSCP) is a small, open-source chess engine that I made in 1997. It’s a tutorial engine, i.e., it’s designed to teach people how chess engines work.

TSCP has the following features:
  • Only 2,248 lines of C code
  • Lots of comments!
  • Written for clarity (not speed or strength)
  • Observes all rules of chess
  • Opening book
  • xboard compatible
  • Requires less than 64KB of RAM


Please visit the Community page to see some of the interesting things people have done with TSCP!


TSCP is copyrighted. If you want to copy it (all or part of it) or create a derivative work, you need my permission.

To request permission, please e-mail me at tom.kerrigan@gmail.com.


tscp182.zip TSCP version 1.82 source code
tscp181.exe.zip TSCP version 1.81 executable for Windows