I wrote Turbo Sudoku in 2005. It's freeware. I hope you enjoy it.

The interface is designed to help you solve puzzles. I tried to make it easy to enter puzzles, see legal moves, enter numbers, get hints, etc. It doesn't actually generate new puzzles. The ones you see when you run it are selected at random from a set of 6 that I entered by hand.

The name "Turbo Sudoku" comes from the fact that my first attempt at a Sudoku-solving algorithm was very slow. This one is therefore the "Turbo" version.

How to use Turbo Sudoku
  • To enter a puzzle, click the "Enter New Puzzle" checkbox in the upper right corner. Use your mouse to point at the squares and type in the appropriate numbers. When you're done, uncheck the "Enter New Puzzle" checkbox.
  • If you right-click on an empty square, Turbo Sudoku will fill in the correct number for that square.
  • The little grey numbers in the top left corner of a square show you which numbers you can put in that square.
  • To enter a number in a square, move your mouse over the square and type the number.
  • To erase a number, use the space bar.
  • Bright green squares have one legal move. You can left-click on those squares to automatically fill them in.
  • If a square is light green, it has a move that only appears once in the square's row, column, or box. The value of the square must be that move.
  • If you see a red square, the puzzle can't be solved, because the square is empty but doesn't have any legal moves. You'll have to undo moves (left-arrow) and try again.
  • There are other features in the program that you can access by looking at the menus.
  • Advanced: You can type in new puzzles or paste them in from the Internet by changing the text in the "Position" field in the bottom right corner. Be careful: if you move your mouse over the board, your text selection will be lost.


TurboSudoku.exe Turbo Sudoku version 1.21
(Windows executable)
turbosudoku.png Screen shot of Turbo Sudoku