Viewing Angles

Screen size: inches (diagonal)
Horizontal resolution:   pixels
On-axis distance: inches
Distance off-axis: inches

This page calculates the viewing angles to your TV, given the size of the TV and your viewing position.

If you imagine a line coming straight out of the center of your TV screen, that's the on‑axis line.
"On-axis distance" is how far your viewing position is along that line.
"Distance off-axis" is the distance between your viewing position and that line.

LCD screens lose color accuracy if you view them off-axis. This page can help you figure out if that's something you should be worried about.

This page can also help you figure out if your TV (or a hypothetical new TV) is the correct size and resolution. Most sources recommend that a TV image occupy approximately 30 visual degrees.

60 pixels per visual degree is considered "retina" resolution. Any resolution higher than that is not considered very useful.

This page was intended for TVs but the calculations are the same for any display, screen, monitor, or projected image: phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computer monitors, TVs, projectors, movie theaters, etc.